Apple iPhone is horrible

August 9, 2009

So I’m riding in the car with my g/f’s parents, sitting in the back seat. I’m surfing around and want to watch a YouTube video. I don’t want to disturb the other people in the car, so I turn the iPhone sound all the way down using the button on the side. I press play on the YouTube video, and the sound comes blasting out. Thanks for failing again apple. Your software is terrible, has a horrible interface, and I’m expecting to switch away from AT&T when my contract is up. Arrogant shifty-programmer dolts.

Apple software is horrible yet again

July 30, 2009

Apple computer makes some of the most wretched software ever.  iTunes and the iPhone “3.whatever” software are the ones driving me up the wall right now.  Take a look at this screenshot for offending item #1:

In this picture, my mouse is hovering over the “close” button in the top right.  It’s not in the dead center of the “x”, but it lights up the button so that you know that when you click, it will close the window.  Guess what – it doesn’t close.  This horrible false positive feedback is laughable for a company that supposedly knows how to do interface design right.  What they know how to do right is piss me the off.

Edit: They finally fixed the above problem, leaving in the paragraph above for posterity.

That’s not the worst though.  The worst part about the close button is that it doesn’t extend all the way to the right.  In fact, the top right of the screen in the picture isn’t even covered by the close button.  So, if I have another program maximized behind iTunes, and I don’t remember to be Apple’s bitch and instead move my mouse to the top right hand corner of the screen like I can in any other windows application, I close the application behind iTunes.  lololololol the joke’s on me because I didn’t respect Apple’s self importance by adjusting my mouse out of an infinte-depth position.  GOOD DESIGN APPLE.

And finally, I just want to bitch about the fact that the newest version of the iPhone software makes my phone run much slower than the prior version.  Also, there’s the fact that sometimes now my iPhone’s screen will black out.  It was really fun when I got a call and couldn’t answer it because the screen was black.   Real good job on your new slow, bug-ridden software, Apple.

Banjo Kazooie – one of the greatest platformers ever.

June 21, 2009

Thanks to MS buying Rare, Banjo Kazooie is available from xbox live arcade.  While the camera system is occassionally frustrating, this is by far my favorite platforming game.  I have Mass Effect and Fallout 3 waiting for me to play, a subscription to WoW, and a plethora of iphone games at my disposal, but nothing captures the polish that Banjo offers.

As I type this, I’m downloading Banjo Tooie.  More fun awaits!

Comparing WAR Now to WoW 4 Years Ago – Fair?

October 3, 2008

If someone is able to provide a good explanation of why it’s fair to compare WAR at launch to WoW and its problems 4 years ago, I’d really appreciate it.

Unlike many people, apparently, I am not forced to hop in a time machine and go back four years if I want to play WoW.  So, why should people say “WoW sucked at release, give WAR a pass on the issues with the game”?

When I played WoW, I wasn’t thinking “well, DAoC was buggy at launch, and City of Heroes had it’s issues, so I’m going to play this game no matter what.”  Instead, I simply made the choice of which game, WoW or those others, offered a better experience.  I liked WoW more than the other games, so I cancelled my subscription to City of Heroes (already had cancelled my DAoC subscription), and instead played WoW.

If you think that WAR doesn’t offer as good an experience as WoW, and want to play it anyway, you are telling the developers that you support them enough to release a product which is inferior, but gosh darnit you like them, and they should have your money.

This is a very different statement to make than liking Mythic’s game more than Blizzard’s and playing it for that reason.

If you play WAR because you like it, if you don’t have issues with it, that’s great.

If you play WAR, and bring up how bad WoW was when it launched, you sound like a person determined to give Mythic your money regardless of the quality of their product.  That’s sounds a lot like fanboism

Sure, if you love WAR, tell people how great it is, what you like about it.  I think that it has some fantastic concepts.  However, you weaken your own position in the eyes of a WAR player who brings up (what he feels is) a legitimate concern when you bring up four year old history of a different game.

My stance?
Mythic decided to release the game to compete in the market now.  They chose to play with the big boys, so let them fight it out on their own merits.  Don’t coddle them like an overprotective mommy.

Note, the only valid explanation I can think of for the comparison in question deals with present values of future returns, so if you would like to expound on that and the mental calculations and psychology of it, feel free to use the comments section to provide a rebuttal.

Powergrinding RPs via cross-faction coordination

September 30, 2008

I don’t intend for this blog to turn into the “sploits and more!” blog, but as I think of potential problems with the system, I figure I’ll post them so that Mythic can know how people might abuse it.  It’s much better for stuff like this to get out early so that Mythic can clamp down on any loophole mechanics before they start being abused.  So, with that intro out of the way…


1) Coordinate order/destruction groups over vent, easiest in late night by choosing the least popular T4 open-rvr area or scenario to meet each other.

2) Bring along a couple AoE’rs for damage – 1 in each group.

3) Bring along a couple of AoE healers for heals – 1 in each group.

4) Each faction stands in a clump and deals slow methodical AoE damage to the other clump.  The AoE Healers in the clumps heal up the AoE damage.  They can also rez if anyone gets too ambitious on the dmg :p

I’m pretty sure this would blow most other methods for RP gain out of the water (in terms of strict RP/Hour).  The reason is this:  With a spell like Martyr’s Blessing , you can be healing all 12 (or 18! or more!) people simultaneously, regardless of whether they’re in your group or not.  That’s a hella lot of RPs / second. While one group’s healer takes a break to supplicate and fill their healing-source (RF, SE, or AP), the other one would take over.

As long as people have the self-control not to over-dps and kill anyone in the opposite faction, the two clumps could AoE dmg and AoE heal for hours and watch the purple numbers just stream in.

Maybe this sploit wouldn’t work, but I think it would.  In any case, I think Mythic should ensure that a loophole like this for coordinated opposition groups wouldn’t suck the life out of open RvR while people powerlevel full groups to RR80.

Also, to pre-empt the statements that it’s no different from kill-trading, It’s sure be a hell of a lot quicker than kill trading since kills give you less RP per kill with each successive kill.  With healing (as far as I know) there are no diminishing returns.

Fast leveling done better – what WAR can learn

September 29, 2008

Both WoW and DAoC have had to deal with an aging game population.  One of the issues faced by their faithful players is that leveling an alt can be a painful process.

In WoW, Blizzard has dealt with this  by making the doldrums levels (20 through 50) a faster grind via quests giving more experience.  In DAoC, this has been done by giving people with a max level character the ability to use a /level command to automatically level their toon to 20 (or 30 in the cases of some underpopulated factions on some servers).

Both of these solutions have problems.

  • In the case of WoW, you’re still doing the same grind and the same quests, and you still have to level twice to get new abilities (barring talent-based ones).  Also, the people playing WoW for the first time do not have the curse/blessing to go through the same leveling experience that others did, which brings with it more gold by the time they reach 70 and a better feel for their character class.
  • In the case of DAoC, the issue was that the starter zones were extremely inhospitable to new players to the game.  When old players that could offer a sense of community and game-based-wisdom would simply /level past the starting zone, new players got none of the enjoyment that the original players had.

One proposal to deal with this, which WAR might also employ, would be to let a limited form of /level exist.  This /level would become available after “ding”ing any level.  Once you hit level two, you could /level which would also propel you to level 3.  You would not be able to store these levels, so you couldn’t skip past the leveling experience in which you would interact with new players to the game.

Also, WAR alt-rollers would benefit in that they would get a talent point for every level they attained in addition to any skills that become available with the 2 character levels they gain if they choose to use /level.  Finally, in WAR, a significant potential problem is not feeling like you can enjoy scenarios for the full leveling experience if you become RP capped before you ding a new character level.  In this system, it would be rare to have capped your RP even if you leveled exclusively through world-pvp or scenarios.

In conclusion, there are better ways to reward your player base for level’ing to max and rolling an alt than simply reducing the experience per level or granting a /level to 20.  This is but one of many solutions.

Rockband Drums – video on how to remove the heads

September 22, 2008

Someone asked in the Scorehero forums how to take the heads of Rockband 1 drum sets.  Since I’ve done this way too many times, I took a quick video of the process and posted it to flickr.  I’m guessing this will void your warranty, so if you value your right to RMA the set, you probably shouldn’t do this…

Default Page Post!

August 30, 2008

I’m kind of new to this wordpress stuff.  I’m hoping this shows up on the front page.  Click the links to the right for the actual content of this site.


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